The Picnic Basket


By G. E. Shuman My wife’s birthday was/is this week. I’m not going to tell you how old, or how young she is, as I value my life far too much to do that. Anyway, let it also be known that I did marry an older woman. Truthfully, she really is older than me… three weeks older, to be exact. Three weeks is a significant amount of time, especially the three weeks when she has already had her birthday, and I have not. Don’t think it matters? Try holding your breath for three weeks. Okay, I have belabored that point quite enough. Birthdays are difficult things to celebrate, it seems, when you are our age. At least, for me, every year brings the challenge of finding the right gift for my dear wife, on her day. You can do flowers, candy, and more flowers and...

The Picnic Basket

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