Happy Herb Brings Joy


Dear Editor: It all started when Homer was having his daily coffee at Maplewoods when Happy Herb and his wife, Tina, came in. They had not seen each other for many years, so they had lots to share. Happy Herb shared that at 60, his wife had bought him a guitar and lessons to play the guitar from Irene something, who is my niece and how it was challenging, but her persistence started a band with Tom and George. They made 3 CDs and Homer bought them all and we play them all the time in the car as we travel. So we wanted to hear Happy Herb play and sing, so the next day, we went to Barre Gardens and enjoyed them so much and we something in something along. I asked to take pictures of them and we had one taken together with Happy Herb. Today, we plan to go...

Happy Herb Brings Joy

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